Hello again and welcome to my BLOG.

Today i will take you with me in our story about food and barbecue culture.

yesterday i was with my friend sitting in the garden with a good glass of wine from South Africa while we were having a nice peace of juicy meat laying on the fire. This meat came right from the butcher and while my friend was turning the meat i was thinking about how other cultures experiencing their Barbecue or an outside dinner with friends or even on a grill. I guess it comes from America where almost everybody is eating big chunks of meat baking it on the Barbecue. Therefore the weather is also in their advantage and they have plenty of space for organizing a well visited Barbecue.

How is it at your country? Do you meet up with friends for dinner and is it outside?

The country where i come from is the Netherlands. Nederland as we call it.

There the spring starts in may (officially march but its still too cold) where we invite friends to come over. We have a buitenkeuken  where we cook our food. It also has a green egg. Do you know that phenomenon? It is something dutch i think. 


here are some pictures


Design is something beautiful which is pretty vague to describe because when the contours of the kitchen are very straight it doesnt mean it is design.

So after a wine or 5 we decided that we love this kind of 30degrees weather and should do this more often. :)

Bye bye.