We sell trees Janny said. the owner of Royal Hedge a webshop where you can buy trees or how she would say it:'' bomen kopen '' which is such a weird word haha. but it is amaing to visit their farm where trees are grown and the nature is alive. Little children driving with cars (!) on their private property. Omg she was only 7 and drove with a tractor lol. ok nevertheless the trees are exported to europe and its fascinating when bulhgarian truckdrivers pick up the trees for transport to Bulgaria. Fascinating company. once you visit Dongen in the Netherlands you should visit them its free entry.


https://www.royalhedge.nl  for more information. on thursday till saturday you can just go and see the land called boomkwekerij which means treefarm


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Why marketingcompanies are thriving

Hi this is my blog for informing the world about the online marketing agences and why it is important to engage with one.

I am from the Netherlands and last year i was Sofia Bulgaria where i spoke to a girl who was studying online marketing. Soon i was surprised. Bulgaria, online marketing? HA? But she explained me that also the trend is triving here and many companies are going online. So when having the expertise for SEO and SEA i really think you can earn a lot of money in Bulgaria. I have met a online marketing company called gewoonbovenaan.nl which is a very funny name. in english we would translate it to:''just above''.

If you have knowledge about internet and making websites it is easier to learn it. There was a shop called Oosterheert Optiek it is a opticien from Groningen from a big city who rented a online marketing company. he told me it cost a lot of money but with increasing visitors to his shop where sold 10% more glasses it was soon profitable.

I also spoke to a smaller shop called Barts Food factory he makes buitenkeukens (outside kitchen) like a bbq etc and he told me that the site visitors increased by 254% (!) my sweet dear that is enormous. so the conclusion is. Invest in online marketing,





the host of the European championships 2016, the victim of many terroristic attacks, the country of beautiful landscapes, the Eiffeltower, Filmfestival Cannes and ofcourse the great wines. France has a lot to offer and every city has its own historic buildings, highlights and great food. We started with renting a scooter in paris. The scooter rental company gave us what he called ” un scooter rapide” a fast scooter :). I just love that language. Everything what they just sounds interesting. Once we drove away we immediatly felt free and headed to see the Arc de Triomph, Champs-Élysées – Clemenceau, the astonishing Grand palais and headed north on the Avenue du Maréchal Gallieni to see the Le Palais de L’Élysée. What a names and what an experience. We had lunch in a small bistrot and a glass of red wine which i cant stop drinking since the first day i arrived in France. In the next days we drove around Paris to see all its hidden secrets, small streets and lovely boutiques where i spend half my salary on what the french called Haute couture.

Later that week we arrived in Nantes. Its remarkable to see that the city still has british influences and is nowadays a vibrant student city and a cultural hub. Again we rented a scooter to explore the city highlights: The castel Château des ducs de Bretagne, Île de Feydeau, and Parc de Procé. Its a city we definately go back to.

After Nantes we went to Montpellier, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille and Nice.

We saw a beautiful (in dutch) buitenkeuken where we ate some delicious food.

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